Why Call Balaban Claeson to discuss your auto accident injuries?

#1 Experience - years of specialized recovery for accident victims

#2 Personal attention - we handle your case all the way, not a junior attorney

#3 Your attorney will respond fast, and listen to your needs

#4 We can visit your home or the hospital if your injuries require

#5 We strategically work on a settlement that you deserve

#6 If it's in your best interests, we won't hesitate to take your case to trial

#7 We are the law firm that hears, and cares, about your needs.

We work for you

Those law firms that say they will "fight" for you, they can't really mean it, because winning a good settlement doesn't come from fighting. Winning comes from smart, hard work.

At Balaban Claeson:

  • We understand how insurance adjusters look at your case
  • We build a strong case; one that has muscle if it goes to trial
  • Then that strong case helps us work toward a quality settlement for you 

At the Denver Firm you won't be handed off to junior attorneys. Your case will be directly managed, and litigated, if necessary, by the experienced partners - Roman Balaban and Gabriel Claeson.

The combination of smart, hard work, with years of experience and guaranteed personal attention is what sets our firm apart from so many others. When you bring your case to us, you can relax and focus on recovering from your injuries, while we focus on obtaining the best outcome for you.